Passing Through

She sits,

Bang, bang, bang!

Her body jolts with every impact as her eyes attempt to refocus;

But still she sits.

The internal fissures awaken momentarily,

No one needs to know.

The world carries on around and around her.

Defiantly she waits,

She can still be a part of it.


Sometimes, it’s only when you become so immersed in thought

That you allow yourself to stop thinking;

Sometimes, you find yourself moving,

Yet you can barely catch up with yourself;

And sometimes you need to be patient,

There’s no need to fear being still.

You are never still, and neither is she.


The rise and fall of her breath,

The pulse of your heart.

Nerves firing

Between you, at you;

Splitting you and tangling her.


The messages may be confused,

The heart deprived;

It’s the brain that relays this.

The body sits in a façade of calm.


Sooner or later the next breath comes,

Space appears for someone to find.

Space without threat, just time to reflect; remind and make plans

As the sun’s rays fall on her

And warm your back once more.


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