Hooked on impossibilities

A maze of desire and dissatisfaction

Where your dreams wander too far.

You know it is futile and waves of impending misery threaten,

But hopes are okay, aren’t they?

Aren’t they?

We all need an anchor,

Something to hold onto,

That it rooted deep

And stays strong against our own bombardment…


She must have gone wrong somewhere,

Surely she shouldn’t feel like this,

Surely there must be some way out?

But she can’t see for looking.

It hides behind a looming overhang

As her eyelids waver and shut.


A shrivelled shadow.

An internalised self.

An echo.

An unrecognisable past.



Jarring separation,

A splintered parting

Leaving her standing alone.

Her body ricocheting back and fourth with every blow.

Smothering and bashing;

Dented and bruised…

…As the body fights for breath.

She wills herself to stay upright.

Trying to refocus her panicked gaze

On what could lie ahead.


Where she is headed,

Who knows…


The anchor stays behind.


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