Time Framed

The sun bleaches the page, 
Framing my shadow.
I’m the obstacle, 
Creating a momentary record of my presence.
Existing here with the sun on my back while I write these very words, 
But I am not the only one here. 
This sense of now evolves;
Dissolving in time, 
Disappearing as the sun journeys on.

Until then I’ll sit here
Holding the sun, soaking in its heat
Back through to front. 
A collision of light and matter;
And all to create a single shadow.

It’s still there, seemingly insignificant company. 
Part of it creeps onto the page, 
But now as I look to my left it’s there too.
My shadow rests on the seat beside me. 

And yet, I can’t quite see far enough 
To know where it reattaches itself to me.

Then, I notice a slight shiver, 
My back is turning cold. 


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