Pen & Petals 1



How can she love it, but have no energy to do it?

Secretly she’s lonely, the smile

Translucent under finer study;

Something is missing,

A blank void

Momentarily swelling with emotion.

At first, there was calm in the bleakness

But the whir of time morphed change

The wind whistled with an eerie fervour.

Systematically beating all other life from her

So that only the dance remains.

Does the risk extend that far?

Seeping through…

Sunken twinges scar the irrational borderline.

For now, few realise

Failing to reconsider what they’ve seen.

Wearing patchwork.

Stitch upon stitch,

Building scaffolds before imminent deconstruction

Feet dangling over the precipice.

© Kimberley Harvey
© jonathan m hughes


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