Pen & Petals 2

_D7H0368_shadowhse texts


Feet measure the walls,

Invisible traces about the floor

Cavorting gleefully with the shaft of light.

An unblinking stare through the double-glazed pane,

Offsetting the square stain of sun on the aged oak floor.

No furniture, geometric freedom in the oppressive emptiness

That compresses my breath and sees me flee from the walls.

Framed sunlight like a contained timeless friend.

Look away and your pupils dilate, feathered edges of momentary softness.

Porous dullness as walls resist mischief.

A corner, four in all, leads to sizing up parameters from within.

Relief in shadows,

The familiar landing place along the railroad of skirting.

Mapping our existence,

Defined by space and time.

Light illustrates like a third person, a spectator,

As it enters and exits the room.

© Kimberley Harvey
© jonathan m hughes


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