Adrenaline Fuelled

Rachel .A. Mason

Our last full day of getting an advanced view of the shows for 2017 was, in my opinion, filled with some of the best acts. Over the week we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a wide range of amazing shows from comical theatre to BMX dancing. This dance act featuring a BMX was both beautiful and extremely impressive. I love biking, pretending I’m cool going on muddy ramps, down rocky slops and doing the “look no hands” on my old mountain bike so seeing this effortless flowing BMX artist move around the stage was stunning while also making me feel rather uncool!

The last full day consisted of music from Ninebarrow, an incredible act by Lost Dog called Paradise and Balbir performing Champion of the Flatlands and Decreasing Infinity Dance Programme, this was the act which contained the BMX moves! These were followed by Windibops Dance Programme by Moxie Brawl, Joseph Toonga’s Its Between Us Dance Programme, Tom…

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