Getting Better Slowly – A Commissioning Perspective. 


Since we re-opened in 2004 Lincoln Drill Hall has been committed to providing communities across our city with a wide breadth of arts performances to enjoy, entertain and sometimes we hope challenge and provoke debate.

Most of this work has been produced elsewhere and we’ve merely provided the space to present it.  More recently we’ve been involved with a number of other venues in dipping our toes into commissioning work from a number of companies, usually providing small amounts of money to help new pieces of performance develop, with the ambition that these might tour.

As my background is largely in producing theatre, I have been really conscious since I’ve lived and worked in the county though that there has been a relative lack of produced theatre and performance coming out of Lincolnshire.  Companies such as Zest Theatre and Rhubarb Theatre are producing more touring work, there are a number…

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The Loneliness At the End of the Story

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

Mark’s piece has made me want to try and put something into words that I’ve long struggled to, and that I probably will struggle to now (edit: reading over this, yeah, I did). I am struggling to write generally at the moment.

I’ve been writing this blog for almost a decade now (which is fairly terrifying). It’s my story, and it’s a probably familiar one, in terms of the trajectory of someone who was diagnosed with a mental health problem (denial, overidentification, rebellion, acceptance, denial again, ambivalence). The reason I started writing this blog was simply because I’d always written blogs and kept diaries, and my diagnosis and hospitalisation was a big event for me I needed to process, and I wanted to process it in a separate space. I have always worked through my feelings by writing things down.

This blog has gotten a lot of attention- more so…

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