Adrenaline Fuelled

Rachel .A. Mason

Our last full day of getting an advanced view of the shows for 2017 was, in my opinion, filled with some of the best acts. Over the week we’ve had the pleasure of seeing a wide range of amazing shows from comical theatre to BMX dancing. This dance act featuring a BMX was both beautiful and extremely impressive. I love biking, pretending I’m cool going on muddy ramps, down rocky slops and doing the “look no hands” on my old mountain bike so seeing this effortless flowing BMX artist move around the stage was stunning while also making me feel rather uncool!

The last full day consisted of music from Ninebarrow, an incredible act by Lost Dog called Paradise and Balbir performing Champion of the Flatlands and Decreasing Infinity Dance Programme, this was the act which contained the BMX moves! These were followed by Windibops Dance Programme by Moxie Brawl, Joseph Toonga’s Its Between Us Dance Programme, Tom…

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We need to talk about functioning eating disorders

Please read this.

Not quite curvy; definitely real

I don’t really want to write this, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while and I think it’s important. I have to practice what I preach, and one of those things is speaking out truthfully and openly about mental health.

It’s so much easier to write retrospectively, to look back at my past and remember the bad times and tell people what I have been through and what I have learnt. It’s much scarier to write about the now, but I know for a fact that there are so many people in my position or similar who keep quiet, hide away and cover up their ongoing battle with their own mind. I always go on about honesty being the best policy, but recently, I have left a lot of things unsaid.

In my early twenties, I was discharged from my second and last inpatient stay where I’d spent…

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A journey through neonatal care

The Smallest Things

Alexa was born at 25 + 2, weighing 588g on February 19th 2014 delivered by emergency C-section due to severe early onset preeclampsia.

I read those phrases so many times; in Alexa’s notes and on whiteboards and I repeated it so often when we were in hospital. It was what defined her and defined me. In writing it now I realise that it no longer matters. No-one asks me that anymore and I rarely think about it. And what a relief that is.


Before she was born

I was diagnosed with early onset preeclampsia when I was almost 24 weeks pregnant. Like many other premature baby stories, it was a routine GP appointment that ended at hospital.  My normally unflappable GP looked concerned when she took a urine sample and my blood pressure. Then she called the hospital to say I was on my way and told me to…

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Observations: (2) Giving up depression for Lent: My fight against mental illness

Kimberley John

The stigma surrounding mental health problems seems to be slipping away. The once-invisible illnesses that affect at least 1 in 4 people in the UK each year have recently, and thankfully, come to the forefront of our minds. This is due to the government’s announcement that they are to invest £1 billion into mental health services by 2020, following a report by NHS England that shows that there simply isn’t enough being done to help sufferers.

As one out of four people dealing with mental illness – namely a mixture of anxiety and depression – I’m grateful that although it may take time to see a change in the amount of provision provided, it finally seems OK to talk about my problems. That’s something we all need to do, and can do. Talk. I’m sick of being sick and I’m tired of being tired.

The Christians out there know we are currently in…

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Flying Thoughts and Handles

A great way of working!


One of my favourite things about working with Lenni as iOrganic is how we introduce lots of different ideas from plenty of genres and forms. When we’re first talking through an idea theres always a lot of links being opened on laptops to great things we’ve seen and plenty of animated discussions about performances, writing or anything, really, that we’ve come across that we think we could introduce. It all seems to fly about until there is a really tangible change in tone as one of us says that one idea/theme/image that becomes central to the show.

With Sense and Diagnosis it was the blindfolds. We were talking about and around various themes that we wanted to explore, getting the eras we were going to perform decided at a very early stage. Then we began to think about how to do this. It’s at this point that we decided we…

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Billie Holiday

Stirred Feminist Collective

Ahead of tonight’s poetry event 7.30pm at Three Minute Theatre open mic slots still available here are some thoughts of Anna Percy’s thoughts:

Billie Holiday, Lady Day if you don’t know her will be a voice you never had a name for, her songs are jazz standards and she transcends jazz. Whenever I meet people who make the blanket statement ‘’I hate Jazz’’ I reach for Billie Holiday and she never disappoints she makes people realise Jazz can be many things, it can be women’s voices surviving. I grew up with a mother who belted her songs and others by tough/fragile women in the car, with a step-father in love with jazz. She is part of my earliest music memories. The way Jazz perfectly melded with her voice the instruments echo the qualities in her voice each enriching the other. I have heard it mentioned that often her voice…

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Pen & Petals 4



To be seen

In a crowd
A smile shared
Without fear
With sparky mirth and integrity
All meeting desire.


© Kimberley Harvey
© jonathan m hughes